My journey with Stone Medicine began in herbalism school. After a particularly difficult time in my life I knew that somewhere in my studies was a connection I had lost with my spirituality. Two events happened simultaneously that forever changed my world. One was beginning my studies of the Wheel of the Year with Kim Duckett. The other was taking a class at the Southeast Wise Woman Herbal Conference with Sarah Thomas, founder of Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine, titled, “Stone and Plant Alchemy” and I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

As destiny would have it, during my next round of herbalism studies, Sarah was one of our regular teachers. And as they say, the rest is herstory. I have now spent hundreds of hours studying Taoist Stone and Crystal Medicine.

Out of my Wheel of the Year and Stone Medicine studies came a desire to create Stone Medicine jewelry to support women through the seasons. And by seasons, I mean the external seasons in our environment, as well as the internal seasons we cycle through during our lives. Moontree Apothecaries was born.

And no, I don’t sit in a cave and chant mantras while I create Stone Medicine necklaces. And if that is what you are looking for, there are very magical women in this world who do such things and I encourage you to seek them out if that is what is calling to you.

I am very much an Earthling. My background is in biology and I love finding the spirituality in science, and the science in spirituality. I know the seasons and the plants and the stones and the animals. And I have a lot of quirks. So for your entertainment:

About the


I love jewelry. All of it.

I also love:

  • Willie Nelson and Willie Nelson t-shirts

  • Boots with dresses

  • Swearing

  • Where water and land meet

  • Music- everything from traditional Celtic music to Top 40 to meditation music to Outlaw Country (bonus points if it is on vinyl)

  • Muddy hands

  • Sitting on my front porch

  • Napping on my driveway

  • Bad gas station coffee

  • Self help books- I use them like owners manuals to figure out this human thing.

  • Rockhounding

  • Bags, as I am always carrying multiple- purse, lunch, books (I always have a book with me and read it at red lights and waiting in lines)

Much love to you on your journey into the art of Sacred Adornment,

Jessica, Moontree Apothecaries’ Creatress