Wear Your Medicine.

Imagine feeling magical in the midst of your chaotic day. While the world and responsibilities swirl around you, you are tuned in to your intuition.

Moontree Apothecaries’ creations are not just jewelry. They are created as medicine pieces with the intent that their presence in your world can connect you to the you beneath your busy self, find a moment of quiet to listen to your desires, and adorn yourself through the Art of Sacred Adornment.

But a necklace is just a necklace, right?

Absolutely not. Each piece is handmade by me, and yes, I tie every.single.knot. Hours go into each necklace and there is zero mass production happening here.

So yes, you can go to your favorite box store of choice and find jewelry made with stones, but I can almost guarantee it is mass produced with little to no intention or knowledge of the how to work with the stones behind the creation. It may look cute, but will it guide you into the depths of your intuition? (Don’t get me wrong, I adore some inexpensive ‘costume jewelry’ but it is not my go-to for working with my intuition and intention.)

I have been studying Taoist Stone and Crystal Medicine since 2012. After hundreds of hours of sitting with this wisdom, I taught myself how to create this jewelry. Being self-taught means that no one else is creating necklaces quite like this.

Sacred Adornment

Sacred Adornment is the act, and the art, of choosing our adornments with intention and awareness when we decide to place them on our bodies. It is choosing adornments that support us in how we wish to the navigate the world that day.

Our adornments can offer strength, clarity, protection, love, or an infinite number of other possibilities. This does not have to be a grand ceremony. It is simply taking a few moments to set your intention for the day and to adorn yourself accordingly. It is a powerful practice to connect to your deepest desires and decide how you wish to travel through your day.

This is the art of connecting to your self (that is usually so gosh darn busy!) through the Art of Sarcred Adornment. It is a lost art for many, but it is right there, waiting for you to utilize the power of it.

You do not need to search outside of yourself. Just quiet and listen. Just for a moment.

Mornings can be serene magic or completely chaotic hellishness. There is a fine line between the two scenarios.

Whether you are stepping to your mirror directly from your yoga mat and blissed-out or you peer into the mirror with your world in a frenzy behind you- mornings are important.

Bring intention to your day.

This doesn’t have to take a long time. Taking just seconds to close your eyes and listen to yourself.

What do I have to do today?

What do I need to do today?

What do I need today?

How do I want to approach my to do list? My day?

What intention do I want to carry with me?

Do I want to call in serenity? Protection? The ability to communicate clearly? Fierceness? Glow? Magic? Miracles? A calm mind?

Enter the Art of Sacred Adornment.

Tune in. To you.

Ignore everything else. (I promise the distractions will be there when you finish.) She is there, whispering (or perhaps yelling) to you.

What does the deepest part of you want for your day ahead?

Let’s try that again because likely something along the lines of a silent retreat staring at the ocean, a steamy fling with an exotic lover, or summiting an Icelandic volcano topped your wish list. But alas, you need to get to work, navigate a boring meeting, battle your desire for yet another cup of coffee, and find the perfect snacks so you stop bringing the same dish to your monthly witchy potluck gathering of girlfriends. The exotic lover and volcano (or one and the same?) will have to wait.

Tune in.

How do you want to navigate the day you have laid out before you? Set your intention and adorn yourself accordingly.

This is an art.

Throughout the day, when you feel your earrings brush against your neck, when you glance down at your necklace, they are reminders to recenter, go deep, remember your inner knowing, and refresh your intention for the day.

Your adornments are a conversation with yourself, a secret you never need share.

Moontree Apothecaries creations are your connection to yourself and the Art of Sacred Adornment.