Necklace Care

Choosing a Creation

Moontree Apothecaries creations are sturdy, but not indestructible. They are made with high quality materials. Some pieces are designed for everyday wear and activity and can handle a day of gardening or hiking while others require your awareness that you are wearing a piece that doesn’t like to be pulled on or worn with cross body bags. Some pieces are designed for ceremony and ritual and may not be a good fit for any day to day activities. Such is the art of Sacred Adornment. If you would like help choosing a necklace for a particular activity, I am happy  to make suggestions.


Caring for Your Creation

When properly chosen and cared for, a piece can last for years. (I have never had one from my personal collection break and I have had some for many years.) I recommend storing hand knotted creations laying down, not hanging. I also recommend not submerging hand knotted creations in water. These ways of caring for your creation will extend its life and help to prevent the thread from stretching.

And of course, life happens and if your creation should break, please contact me at A hand knotted necklace cannot be simply repaired, it has to be completely taken apart and remade. Depending on the style of necklace, remakes start at $55 + shipping.

Please note that some styles containing a pendant cannot be remade due to how the pendant is secured on the thread.